Arbitrations and Litigations


National and international legal proceedings and arbitrations

Arbitrators, settlers, mediators, and amicable compounders

Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms

Sanctioning administrative actions by public authorities

Accomplished or ongoing experiences

Arbitration of CONALVIAS vs. Acueducto Metropolitano de Bucaramanga

International arbitration of Carbones San Fernando vs. Glencore International AG

Arbitrations of the Autoridad Nacional de Television (CNTV and ANTV) vs. Caracol and RCN Television

International arbitration Ecogas vs. Uniwhale de Colombia

Arbitrations for exclusive service areas (Efigas and Gases de Occidente) vs. Ministry of Mines and Energy

Arbitration Grupo Pegasus vs. NGE

Arbitration Gazel S.A.S. vs. Ministry of Mines and Energy

Arbitrations of Grupo Gilinski vs. Bancolombia

Arbitration of Transtel vs. Siemens

Arbitration of the Dart International branch vs. Mohave Colombia Corporation

Attorney in popular actions of Organización Terpel and Brío de Colombia

Corporate process CAH vs. CAH China

Corporate process EEB vs. Codensa

Judicial counsel for a number of law actions against governmental decisions by superintendence offices, governmental agencies and other public authorities