Oil, Gas and Energy


Agreements for the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas

Economic interest agreements in oil exploitation businesses (farming, farmout, JOA, etc.)

Oil-service agreements

Oil and gas supply, commercialization, processing, and transport agreements

Storage agreements and other related to the fuel distribution chain

Administrative legal proceedings

Dispute resolution among agents of the energy sector

Compliance of regulatory obligations

Accomplished or ongoing experiences

The Firm provides comprehensive legal services to companies of the oil and energy sector in the ordinary course of its activities at national or international level.

Acquisition by Organización Terpel of service stations part of the fuel distribution chain in Central and South America

Structuring of Ecogas of the national network of gas transportation

Sale of oil assets to NGE

Mining option to Mitsui and Vale by Operadores Mineros S.A.

Financial structuring of gas plant “Chuchupa” for Texaco

Optimization of the business of refinancing in Barrancabermeja by Shell Global Solutions B.V. and Ecopetrol

BOMT for the development of pipelines Ballenas-Barrancabermeja, Mariquita-Cali, Boyacá, and Santander

Sale in Colombia of Alstom to General Electric

Permanent advising to fuel distribution companies

Arbitrations (Organización Terpel, Gazel, Ecogas, Uniwhale, Gases de Occidente, Efigas, Grupo Pegasus)

Opinions on regulatory aspects of the oil industry for guilds and agents of the sector