Telecommunications and Media


Infrastructure development projects and service provision

Negotiation of agreements with service providers (DVNO, MVNO, IRU, among other)

Telecommunication concessions (television, radio, land-line and cellular telephone service)

Litigation of telecommunication agreements

Sale of assets to provide telecommunication services

Regulatory aspects

Agreements for audiovisual productions

Accomplished or ongoing experiences

Legal advisors of operators of the telecommunication sector at national and international level, such as ETB, Transtel, Orange, Colombia Telecomunicaciones, TV Cable, AT&T Colombia

Telecommunication projects of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia

Legal counselor of the Comisión Nacional de Televisión/Autoridad Nacional de Televisión in arbitrations against television concessionaries

Strengthening project with which Colombia Telecomunicaciones S.A. ESP selected Telefónica Internacional as strategic partner

Projects for the contracting of internal information systems of Colombia Telecomunicaciones S.A. ESP

Participation in radio-electric spectrum public bid for 4G services by Empresa de Teléfonos de Bogotá – ETB

Structuring of infrastructure sharing model between ETB, TIGO, and Telefónica

Controversies of Grupo Transtel on excess charges

Sale and installation of telecommunication equipment and associate services between Telefónica and Orange (France Telecom)